View from The Kennedy Center rooftop terrace

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is the busiest arts center in the United States. When you walk inside, the grandness and history of The Center hits you.

The Center hosts concerts, dance performances, plays, festivals and other events. Yet, the best part of The Kennedy Center is free, the rooftop terrace.

The terrace wraps around the entire building, providing incredible views of Washington, DC. To the southeast is the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial. To the north, you get a view of the Watergate Complex, Washington Harbor and Georgetown. Stretching across the Potomac River is the Francis Scott Key Bridge and the skyline of Rosslyn, Virginia.

Take a look at the Rooftop Terrace

Recently, I visited The Kennedy Center to see a performance of the New York City Ballet. Afterwards, I headed up to the Rooftop Terrace with my camera to capture some of the magnificent view.

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  1. I’ve been to DC but should have really looked for a place where you can see a great view of the city! This looks like the perfect spot to get shots with the city in the background. Thanks for sharing!

  2. another interesting tip on visiting DC! I love how the rooftop is available to the public Great views. Thanks for this tip

  3. I like your passion to conquer cities with your lens!
    Great cncept. Loved seeing these views. Haven’t been there yet, but hopefully some day…

  4. Thanks for giving me a peek at those views! I may never get to see something at the Kennedy Center!

  5. The view from the Kennedy Center rooftop terrace is fantastic. I love photography so I must check out this location when I visit Washington DC. The Washington Monument is an iconic building.

  6. I loved all the photos you captured. Just like you I love scenery photos and jump at every thought lol. I had tickets once to the John F. Kennedy center but didn’t make it and this is a great reminder that I need to.

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