Carla Durham in Montreal, Canada with the skyline in the background

About Carla

I’m Carla Durham, a travel and music photographer. I grew up in the suburbs but I’ve always been a bit of a city girl. Born in Washington, DC and educated in New York City, I crave concrete more than grass.

My Photography

Every city has it’s unique identity. Many people see the city as a barrage of stimuli. Everything seems to be moving so fast, you can hardly keep up. Looking through my camera, everything slows down. I can see and capture the mystique of the urban environment. Whether I’m stalking a city alone, with someone or dragging my dog along, I always feel inspired. I hope through my photographs you will be inspired, excited and fall in love with these cities too.

My Instagram

My Instagram feed is a collection of my city photos taken with my camera phone. I’ve grown to love the original concept of Instagram. For me, this is a different experience with photography. I’ve tried apps that make my phone more like a “real” camera. I’ve thought of buying lenses to fit my phone. In the end, I’ve excepted the limitations of the device. I love the challenge of shooting with only an iPhone and capturing the world square. No lenses to change. No concern about aperture and shutter speed. Just point and shoot. And the camera is always with me. It reminds me of the days before Photoshop. The best photography advice was “get it right in camera”.